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A Clearsource NOMAD water filter system on the ground with a person holding onto one of the connector hoses.
the opportunity:

Clearsource produces premium RV and boat water filters. Founded in 2017, the startup required a turnkey marketing program early in its formation. jam-tik was hired to reach RVers and boaters using data-driven social media strategies and paid social advertising. With only product photography fit for web, they needed creative content from external sources.

the solution:

To reach Clearsource's niche demographic, jam-tik launched their Facebook and Instagram channels in 2018 and began running targeted social ads. As a new company with no creative content and few reviews, Clearsource needed credibility and exposure. We developed an influencer program to help boost awareness and sales for the brand. Our influencer program now manages relationships with 10+ new influencers per month and has allowed us to build an image library with thousands of professional images. In 2021, we launched an Ambassador program working with skilled content creators to gain even more creative content, including video, for the brand. We created the TikTok account in 2021, and we are now sourcing short-form video content from our influencers. We also field a plethora of customer service inquiries and have developed processes with our team and the Clearsource team to ensure all questions are addressed professionally and in a timely fashion. As the company experiences rapid growth, jam-tik continues to lead the creative direction and social media marketing.


RV Accessories & Survival Gear


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social media marketing:
A screenshot of the Clearsource Instagram page. 
A screenshot of the Clearsource Instagram page. 
An Instagram post featuring a review of the Clearsource Ultra Water Filter System. An Instagram post by @sparkfireswan holding up her Clearsource Ultra Water FilterAn Instagram post by @_wherewewander with his Clearsource Ultra Water Filter and two dogs. An Instagram post featuring @vanimal_instinct holding up her Clearsource NOMAD Water Filter System.
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Instagram reels:
As a result of our influencer program, new Instagram Reels featuring Clearsource pop up all the time. We love seeing how customers use the products ‘in the wild.’ Here are a few of our favorites.
sourced creative content:
A Clearsource NOMAD Water Filter System
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the results:

Over the course of 4+ years, jam-tik's marketing campaigns have played a major hand in Clearsource's year-over-year growth of more than 300% increase in sales annually. Our marketing program is the lead driver of product awareness and new customer acquisition for the company.


increase in social sales from 2020 to 2021


online store sessions from social media in 2021


influencer relationships secured


image library sourced from influencers and customers on social media

"Jam-tik handles all of our influencer and social media marketing, and boy do they produce results. The ROI from our jam-tik campaigns far exceeds that of any other marketing we do, and has helped us grow our business from nothing to several million dollars in annual revenue."

- stuart price
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