Marketing & Sales: How To Find and Hire The Right Professionals

by Elizabeth Smith

When it comes to marketing and sales, the stakes are high. A good hire can make all the difference for your business and a bad one can spell catastrophe. Luckily, there are plenty of methods to ensure that you fill these important roles with the right personnel. Here are a few tips, courtesy of Jam-tik Marketing.

Define The Role

The better you know your roles, the easier it is to find someone to fill them. Whether it’s sales or marketing, you need to be able to write a clear job description and, within this description, outline any required experience, tech skills and personality traits to narrow down candidates. For example, the best salespeople tend to be confident, competitive, level-headed, and proficient with CRM software, such as salesforce (although your own criteria may be different depending on your company’s needs at the time).

Hiring for marketing has, in many ways, grown more complicated over the last decade. These days, with so much of the work taking place in a digital space, your ideal marketer is tech-savvy with a strong, working knowledge of the prominent software, as well as popular platforms like social media and YouTube. You may even decide that you need to hire more than one person to handle different facets of a strategy — video editing services can create promotional videos on your site, a copywriter can write blog and social posts and a graphic designer can build logos and help with web design.

Hire Smart

The hiring process should always be considered amongst the most important duties within a company. The days or weeks you commit to hiring often affect business for years to come — that’s why it’s so important that you get this stage right. 

Oftentimes, it makes more sense to enlist the help of a recruitment agency to carry out some of the heavy lifting for you. With an agency, you can expect faster hiring, improved expertise, higher-quality candidates, and, most importantly, more time to focus on other things. You may even find that you save time and money by using recruiters — just be sure to pass on any special requirements for the role.

Alternatively, you could try and carry out this process independently. Doing the hiring yourself from start to finish isn’t all bad news - you’ll stay 100% in control of the process, you’ll get to choose where and when the job is advertised, and you’ll save on recruitment fees. Although, without recruitment knowledge and access to the wider candidate pool, you may find the applicants are lower quality. With marketing and sales, just be sure that whoever is doing the recruitment, has a working knowledge of both fields.

Freelance vs Full-Time

Sometimes, it makes more sense to bring in help just for the duration of a project and, at other times, you need long-term support and for someone to fully integrate within your brand and your company culture. Both full-time and freelance employees have their pros and cons, and it’s not always clear-cut which one will save you money. When deciding, the important thing is to hire for a purpose - that means to think about your wider goals and then to decide what kind of personnel you need to fulfill them.

In marketing and sales, the benefits of freelance vs full-time are often self-evident. Salespeople can be brought on to sell products at short notice and often with little background information, marketers may need more time to understand your target demographics and to build long-lasting campaigns. Think carefully about how you’ll be utilizing your new hires and what benefits they may bring over time.

Whoever you’re hiring and however long you plan to have them on board, it’s always crucial to do plenty of preparation beforehand. The right hire can have a limitless impact on your business.

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Image by Pexels

March 28, 2022