New to Graphic Design? Start With Canva

Canva, have you heard of it? If not, sit back and enjoy this brief run through of this magical little graphic design web tool.

To begin, I am by no means a graphic design expert. The idea of graphic design was a rather taunting one to me. Until I met Canva. I have been using Canva to create designs for both my social media work-related posts and my graduate PR and advertising program. This graphic design tool can be used to design a multitude of other materials as well. You can easily whip up a brochure, menu, logo, business cards, gifts certificates, the list goes on. Additionally, they offer pre-made templates to make it truly seamless for you to create high quality designs. To compliment Canva, I have also been utilizing the usage of great free stock photo sites such as Pexels. This offers endless amounts of free stock photos, great for creating social media posts for clients!  Most features are free of cost, as well! I promise Canva didn’t give me anything to write this. I’m just so thrilled I found a web tool that saves time, is easy to use and wanted to share it with everyone! Go check it out.

Here’s two of the designs I made with Canva, which makes it easy to change dimensions for posting across various platforms. The first is for Facebook and Instagram, the second for Pinterest.

Canva example - Finelli Designs.png
Canva Pinterest image - Finelli Designs.png

Switching gears, specifically to social media. I have been truly enjoying my time working in this field. No matter how much you know, there’s always something new to learn. It’s only getting bigger, too. So far, my favorite thing has been being able to assist in tasks that help boost somebody’s business, their livelihood. I can use my passion for social media to help support other people’s passions, essentially. And I think that’s pretty cool.