Women's March on Chicago // Why I Marched

women's march on chicago grant park

I sprang out of bed on the morning of January 21, 2017. I was so ready to get downtown to participate in one of the most historic marches of our time. I felt compelled to take a stance against Donald Trump's demoralizing sexist outlook on women, immigrants, the disabled, the list goes on. Locker room or not - no man, let along the leader of our country, should talk about grabbing a girl by any body part while laughing it off. 

Elizabeth Ryder Women's March on Chicago

I marched in solidarity with millions of people across the world to set a better example of who we can and should be as humans. We need to love, respect, be kind and compassionate and practice humility with one another. Donald Trump should stop trying to prove he is the best and saying he will never let us down when in fact, he has already let down so many. I matter, a woman's rights to her own body matters, immigrants matter, black lives matter, we all matter.